The majority of clients establish an account with payment terms of 30 days from date of shipment (Net 30). We then require a written purchase order with a signature, typed name of signatory, and appropriate authorization by your firm. If your company does not have an account with BASi®, we may request prepayment of your initial order to establish credit, in addition to credit references. Refer to our contact information for postal, FAX and email addresses to transmit your order. Please refer to our Terms of Sale for additional information.

To check pricing, refer to our price search or request a quote 

All of the following information is needed to process your orders.

  • Quantity
  • Part Number
  • Description
  • Your purchase order number
  • Your tax status (include tax-exempt numbers, VAT registration number, etc. as applicable)
  • Shipping address for this order
  • Billing address for the invoice we'll mail when this order is shipped
  • Signature and typed name of person authorized to order these products
  • Your telephone number
  • Your email address
  • Your FAX number

Orders will normally be shipped prepaid via a ground service and charges will include an insurance fee to cover loss or damage in transit. If you do not wish to pay for shipping insurance, your order must also include a waiver saying that you take full responsibility for any damage or loss incurred on the item once it leaves our dock. Terms of shipment are FOB Factory. All product orders must be placed with the West Lafayette Corporate Headquarters.


What if your order is damaged in shipping?

It's discouraging to anticipate something new and shiny, and then see it arrive crushed, dented or downright broken. If you accepted our standard shipping policy, then you can relax because your shipment has been insured, and you should use the following procedure. (If you chose instead to issue a waiver on our standard shipping policy, you will have to resolve this crisis on your own.)

Let's assume that you went with the standard, insured shipping route. Here are the steps you need to follow:

  1. Contact BASi® order entry (800-845-4246 or 765-463-4527) for assistance immediately upon receipt of the damaged material. Don't wait; you've got 30 days from the shipping date to make any claims on shipping damage. (This is approximately 20 days from the time it arrives in your hands.)

  2. Record the name and email address of the BASi® customer service representative who handled your call.

  3. Save the box and all packaging materials that accompanied the item.

  4. Please have the model number and serial number of your BASi® instrument ready when you call.

  5. Be prepared to write down our Return Authorization Number (RA#). Place this number on all labels and documents that will accompany the returned product. This step is crucial!

  6. Keep the instrument and the shipping materials on hand until the arrival of a representative from the shipping company responsible for your order. Once this process has been completed, please contact the same BASi® customer service rep (see step #2) and tell him/her that the inspection has been completed.

  7. During your initial call, we'll determine the fastest way to get your device repaired or replaced. If it's a stock item, it may possible to get a new one shipped right away. If it's a custom item, it may take longer. Depending on the circumstances and value of the shipment, we may invoice you a second time for the item and issue credit later after we have received the damaged goods with the appropriate RA#.