Spectro-EC Kit for Raman Analysis

MF-SPEC-ECKIT-4: Spectro-EC Kit for Raman Analysis

The MF-SPEC-ECKIT-4 is a customized Spectro-Electrochemistry Kit made for our PalmSens customers wanting to expand their electrochemical research with Raman spectroscopy. This kit will allow users to conduct fully synchronous in-situ analysis for electrochemistry hybridized with Raman Spectroscopy using our new AvaSpec HERO Spectrometer (788-1020 nm) for detection. Such a high end cooled back-thinned detector with low-noise electronics, and an optical bench with high numerical aperture results in excellent signal to noise, dynamic range, and higher quantum efficiency in NIR region. Also included is our AvaLaser 785 (included: 785 nm laser safety goggles) and a high-end “Panorama Light Software” for spectroscopic data evaluation featuring 2D/3D data visualization, searching in libraries, archiving in spectral libraries, and more. The kit is also equipped with tight cuvette holder for use with Raman probe of AvaLaser785 with an adjustable gold coated mirror for signal collection.

Included: Ava-Raman-D (Highsense Bundle)

  • Range: 100 cm-1 - 3000 cm-1; Resolution: 10 cm-1
  • Spectrometer: AvaSpec-HSC1024x58TEC-EVO set for (788-1020 nm)
  • Slit 25 (replaceable slit)
  • FC-PC connector
  • AvaLaser785 (integrated in probe)
  • Raman software: Panorama Light

Customization: Contact us for a quote for either option. 

  • MF-SPEC-ECKIT-4B: Mid-Level Spectro-EC Raman Kit to work with longer integration times while keeping the thermal noise limited – Cooled version with AvaRaman Spectrometer - Range: 150 cm-1 - 3600 cm-1; Resolution: 6 cm-1
  • MF-SPEC-ECKIT-4: Basic Spectro-EC Raman Kit as an entry level solution for strong signals – Uncooled Spectrometer for strong signals - Range: 150 cm-1 - 3600 cm-1; Resolution: 6 cm-1


Potentiostat Compatibility: MF-SPEC-ECKIT-4 is compatible only with the selected PalmSens Potentiostats / Galvanostats with auxiliary port options as PalmSens 4, EmStat4X and MultiPalmSens 4 series.

How to Order: Simply select any of the Potentiostat / Galvanostat from the compatible options above and add the following two items to the order. You are ready to conduct plug-n-play Vis-NIR region Spectro-EC Analysis from day one.

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Spectro-Electrochemistry Kit for Raman Analysis

758 nm Raman Spectro-EC System consisting of a high-end AvaSpec-HERO spectrometer (Range: 100 cm-1 - 3000 cm-1, Resolution: 10 cm-1), AvaLaser785 probe), AvaRaman/Panorama Light Software, software safety goggles, and cuvette holder for Use with Raman probe with adjustable gold coated mirror for signal collection.


Spectro-EC Extension Module to Avantes.

Includes: CBL-AUX-AVAN - Connector Cable to connect a PalmSens Potentiostat to an Avantes spectrometer, Spectro-EC Cell with wires soldered to the electrodes.

Cell Specifications:8 mm × 6.5 mm × 1 mm

Features: Shaped like a cuvette, surrounded by light. Made of full quartz melt with PTFE lid.

Application: Suitable for electrochemical testing in the process of in situ UV – visible spectroscopy, fluorescence spectroscopy and other spectral signal response.

SPECTRO-EC CELL KIT OPTIONS: Batch flow type Spectro-EC Cell options are available below. Each Spectro-EC cell kit includes a Pt / gold mini-grid, a thin layer quartz glass cell, a teflon lid with holes, a purging tube, and platinum counter electrode.

  • EF-1350: Spectro-EC cell kit with Pt mini-grid (1 mm path length)
  • EF-1362: Spectro-EC cell kit with Pt mini-grid (0.5 mm path length)
  • EF-1351: Spectro-EC cell kit with Au mini-grid (1 mm path length)
  • EF-1363: Spectro-EC cell kit with Au mini-grid (0.5 mm path length)

ADVANCED OPTIONS: More advanced flow-based Spectro-EC Cell kits are also available from the options below. Please contact us to add more customization options in advanced accessory option.

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 RX-A-RAM-MM-ECFC Raman electrochemical flow cell setup, 3.5 cm2, 4.5 mL, Magnetic Mount, Aqueous Electrolytes

Technical Information:

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