Issues Vol. 21 No. 1

Foreword (21k)

Applications of “Wired” Enzyme Electrodes (95k)
Adrian W. Bott of BASi discusses some of the applications of “wired” enzyme electrodes.

Application of Empis® in a Rat Brain Microdialysis Experiment (64k)
Qin Zhou, Karen Cadle and Candice B. Kissinger of BASi discuss the use of Empis, a programmable infusion system, during brain microdialysis in freely-moving rats.

Voltammetric Simulations of Two-Electron/Two-Proton Coupled Mechanisms: An Indirect Method for Obtaining Reduction Potentials and Acid Dissociation Constants? (67k)
Eugene T. Smith of Harriet L. Wilkes Honors College, Florida Atlantic University, uses DigiSim® to study reaction mechanisms involving electron transfer steps coupled to proton transfer.

Biomarkers in Drug Development – A CRO Perspective (77k)
BASi’s John Allinson and Steve Brooks discuss the role contract service providers can play in development of biomarkers.

Special Interest Articles (61k)
• Cancer: What is it? by W. Leigh Thompson, Ph.D., MD -
• US Health Care: Triumph in Crisis by W. Leigh Thompson, Ph.D., MD

In the EC Literature (61k)
by Adrian W. Bott, Ph.D., BASi

Miscellaneous (39k)
• Adams Award in Bioanalytical Chemistry
• BASi Highlights, since 1974
• Tienta Sciences Receives Outstanding Presentation Award
• Bioelectrochemistry-2005 in Coimbra, Portugal

New at BASi (23k)
• Mouse Catheters
• Waste Bottle Bracket
• Portal Vein Catheter for Rats
• BASi GI Catheters
• EMPIS Automated Dosing System