Sampling and Dosing Alliances and Partners

Expanding Neuroscience products and services with Pinnacle Technology

Pinnacle Technology

A partnership with Pinnacle Technology of Lawrence, Kansas, allows BASi® to expand our product line and services to better meet the needs of neurochemical research. This formal collaboration enables BASi® to provide the most comprehensive in vivo monitoring and sampling on the market today.

Pinnacle Technology manufactures biosensors and neurophysiological instruments that complement our neuroscience technology and expertise. Together, we offer a unique platform to collect multiple streams of concurrent data, giving greater insight to brain function.

Data Sciences International (DSI)


Data Sciences International (DSI) is the global leader in implantable telemetric physiological monitors, serving contract research organizations, pharmaceutical manufacturers and academic research institutions. Since its inception in 1984, DSI has been dedicated to providing the most advanced and reliable implantable telemetry available for biomedical monitoring. DSI utilizes the best people, processes, and tools to expedite client studies and enhance decision-making through higher quality data.

DSI offers a comprehensive array of solutions for central nervous system, cardiovascular, and respiratory research, as well as specialty research applications. DSI’s broad product array is commonly used by companies working in safety pharmacology, toxicology or general research.

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René Remie Surgical Skills Centre

René Remie Surgical Skills Centre is a facility dedicated to teaching proper surgical technique in laboratory animals.  Professor René Remie, Pharm D, PhD, founded the René Remie Surgical Skills Centre in 2009 as a way to share over 40-years of experience and encourage good surgical practice.  The centre offers a wide range of courses including microsurgical techniques, catheter implantation and anaesthesia and analgesia monitoring.