About BASi®

Mission statement

We build instruments that answer previously unanswerable questions. We know that our way of doing things is unusual, but we love finding new ways to solve old problems. Our goal is to extend our passion to our customers through support, collaboration, and education so that they can get the best data from their studies and advance new scientific frontiers. 


Founded in 1974, BASi Research Products, Inc is a part of Inotiv, Inc- a publicly traded, global company headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana. From the beginning, BASi has provided sophisticated, niche instrumentation to the life sciences  and electrochemistry markets. We serve researchers throughout the world with instruments and supplies that help them explore new frontiers in pharmaceutical and academic endeavors. 

For four decades, BASi® has established itself  as a resource for instrumentation that meets the demanding requirements of today’s research labs. This can be attributed to an exceptional scientific team, originally established by company founder, Purdue University chemistry professor Peter Kissinger, and our leadership team, all of whom are results oriented and client focused. Indeed, the world’s leading pharmaceutical companies, academic centers, and myriad of startup companies in drug development and biotech count on BASi’s expertise in the demanding fields like electrochemistry and low-stress automated sampling for pharmaceutical development.

Our research instruments and supplies are used in a wide variety of applications, including pharmaceutical development, basic neuroscience research, point-of-care sensing tools, contaminant detection, material characterization, and more. Our instruments and consumables are manufactured in West Lafayette, IN, where our production team is focused on making high quality, reproducible products that researchers can trust.

In 2020, Bioanalytical Systems, Inc (the founding company for BASi) became Inotiv, Inc. Inotiv has continued to grow as both a CRO focused on preclilnical drug discovery and development, and as a leading provider of animal models and diets. Whehter clients are looking for contract research services, animal models or BASi's innovative instrumenation, we remain committed to providing customer-focused solutions to gain insights and uncover new answers. 

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