Transitioning from Microdialysis to Open Flow Microperfusion (OFM)


Discontinuation of Microdialysis Products and Accessories 

Due to limitations with the sourcing of probe membranes, combined with a steady decline in demand over the past 10 years, BASi has made the difficult decision to discontinue the BASi Microdialysis line of products, including all probes, and the BASi Bee line of products. A full list of discontinued products can be found here.   

BASi will continue to fullfill orders for microdialysis products through the end of September 2024. All microdialysis prodcut orders must be received by September 30, 2024. We cannot guarantee the ability to fill orders submitted after this date.  

Transition to Open Flow Microperfusion

Open Flow Microperfusion (OFM) is rapidly replacing microdialysis as the method of choice for sampling analytes within cerebral, dermal, and adipose tissues as well as other applications. Therefore, BASi is excited to offer OFM as an alternative sampling system.  

In collaboration with our partners at Joanneum Research, we will provide full support for the transition to OFM:  

    - Technical training and resources.
    - Customized presentations for your entire research team. 
    - Assistance with updating and drafting your research protocols. 
    - 30-day free trial of the OFM pump and probes. 
    - Consultation on study design, new applications, and troubleshooting. 

Membrane-free OFM probes have an open collection area which means that there are no limitations with collection of analytes of any molecular weight, and it eliminates the risk of biofouling or unpredictable membrane interactions. 

The primary benefits of OFM include:  

    - Continuous sampling of endogenous and exogenous analytes for up to seven days or more
    - Greater sampling rates of lipophilic and high-molecular-weight analytes 
    - Implantation of probe directly into sampling site with BBB healing prior to sampling
    - Minimal inflammation response and interference during the sampling period  
    - Minimally invasive sampling method for rodents and large animals  
    - Membrane-free probes with no biofouling nor membrane interaction and clogging  

OFM has been used in mice, rats, pigs, primates, and humans.

For rodent studies, cOFM can also be combined with the BASi Raturn and Fraction Collectors for continuous ISF sampling. 

This webinar recording provides a comparison of Cerebral Open Flow Microperfusion (cOFM) and Microdialysis. 

Presentation Slides  
Speaker Notes
Q&A Report 

Upcoming webinars exploring the use of OFM for several applications will be hosted thorughout the year. Register or view the recorded webinars here

Visit our Open Flow Microperfusion webpages to learn more about the products available and the various OFM applications.  Contact us at or complete this form to speak with our experts and to learn how to demo the OFM system.