Dialysis Loop "DL" Microdialysis Probes

  • Best for large or active animals.
  • Compared to other microdialaysis probes, the DL’s longer membrane lengths offer higher relative recoveries.
  • A stainless steel wire reinforces the membrane to prevent crimping.
  • Can be used as a linear probe or gently folded to form a loop.
  • Can be implanted with 16G needle.

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Probes can be sterilized, but there are some limitations.  Click here for more details!

“DL” Dialysis Loop probes have been designed for both in vivo studies (subcutaneous tissue, peritoneal cavity, etc.) in experimental animals, and in vitro studies in aqueous solutions (tissue homogenates, cell suspensions, plasma, biological fluids). Although the profile of a DL microdialysis probe is thicker than the “LM” Linear Microdialysis Probe, it is a stronger probe with more reinforcement at the membrane/tubing joint. DL microdialysis probes also offer longer membrane lengths than LM probes.

The DL microdialysis probe is also a good choice for many in vitro applications, teaching, and first-time users. While the DL probe is referred to as a microdialysis loop probe, as shown in the figure above, the DL probe may be used as a linear probe (A), or folded in half to form a microdialysis loop (B). A small slice of plastic tubing can be used to secure the loop (C) with the glue joints staggered to minimize the thickness of the looped probe.

"DL" Microdialysis Probes
 MF-7049  DL-1, Loop Microdialysis Probe, 1cm membrane
 MF-7050  DL-2, Loop Microdialysis Probe, 2cm membrane
 MF-7052  DL-3, Loop Microdialysis Probe, 3cm membrane
 MF-7051  DL-5, Loop Microdialysis Probe, 5cm membrane

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Tubing: Flexible, ~1.2mm OD at thickest point, inert biocompatible plastic, 16 cm FEP tubing on each side of membrane for all probe lengths.
Probe Volume:
DL-1, 6.5µL
DL-2, 6.9µL
DL-3, 7.3µL
DL-5, 8.0µL
Membrane: PAN. 30KDa MWCO, 320µm OD, membrane is reinforced with stainless steel guide wire.

 Membrane  OD 320µm  ID 240µm
 Joint Tubing  OD 1.0mm  
 Tubing  OD 635µm  ID 102µm