Linear Microdialysis Probes

The "LM" style Linear Microdialysis Probe is intended for microdialysis of soft tissues such as dermis, subcutaneous tissue, muscle, adipose, peritoneal organs, and other tissues.

  • Can be used to dialyze soft tissues such as dermis, subcutaneous, muscle, liver and pancreas.
  • The small OD makes it ideal for small, sensitive targets. Internal guide fiber eases implantation and enhances durability.
  • Can be implanted with 25G needle.
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Probes can be sterilized, but there are some limitations.  Click here for more details!

Disclaimer: BASi linear microdialysis probes are for research purposes only. NOT FOR HUMAN USE.


The LM probe offers a small profile (320 µm OD) and consists of a short length of hollow dialysis fiber attached to smaller-diameter, flexible, medical-grade plastic inlet and outlet tubes. The microdialysis membrane is the larger diameter and is directly in contact with the tissue. Via an internal fiber that strengthens the probe and extends beyond the probe tubing, the probe can be threaded into the tissue. A plug seals the end of the probe from which the fiber skeleton extends. This plug keeps body fluids from entering the probe during surgery and is cut off before the probe is connected to a syringe pump and perfused.

Linear microdialysis probes are available with either 5mm or 10mm active lengths of dialysis membrane. Custom probes with other membrane lengths are also available. DL probes may be a stock alternative to LM custom probes.

Linear Microdialysis Probes
 MD-2005  LM-5, Linear Microdialysis Probe, 5mm membrane
 MD-2000  LM-10, Linear Microdialysis Probe, 10mm membrane

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Tubing:  Flexible, 320µm OD, inert biocompatible plastic, 25cm on each side of membrane for LM-5; 30cm on each side of membrane for LM-10
Probe Volume:  
12.9µL total for LM-5
15.7µL total for LM-10
Membrane: PAN. 30KDa MWCO, 320µm OD

 Membrane  OD 320 µm  ID 240 µm
 Tubing  OD 218 µm  ID 180 µm