Probes and Guide Cannulas

The design of microdialysis probes typically falls into two basic categories: pin (or “concentric”) and linear. Pin style probes have a membrane located at the distal end of a supporting cannula. They are most often used for brain microdialysis, though they can also be used for vascular and other implants. The linear style probe is a membrane imbedded within a length of small diameter tubing. It is usually used for other tissue implants including subcutaneous, dermal, adipose, muscle, intraperitoneal, liver, lung, etc. When using BASi® brain microdialysis probes and guides, you will need a probe clamp to fit to your existing stereotaxic frame.

Sterilization is available upon request and customization is available for intracerebral and other probes. Contact us for more information.

Are you interested in High Cut-Off, Push-Pull Extracellular Sampling  (large molecules, peptides, proteins, cytokines, Interleukins, TNF, CRF, monoclonal antibodies, Aß, ApoE, lipophilic substances, bound and unbound drugs, transporters, enzymes, nanocarriers, vesicles and even cells)? Please visit Open Flow Microperfusion  and learn about the distinct advantages in comparison to High Cut-Off, Push-Pull Peptide Microdialysis. 

Use our membrane-free High Cut-Off, Push-Pull CNS Probes and the first in kind High Cut-Off, Push-Pull Peripheral Linear Probes.  These probes do not have KDa barriers (Dalton cut-off) or issues pertaining to using dialysis or ultrafiltration membrane based probes (recovery, adsorption, stickiness, non-specific binding, etc.).