Preclinical Toxicology Services

Our AAALAC-accredited laboratory has a well established reputation earned by providing clients with drug safety and toxicology services for over 40 years.  During these forty years our experienced and proven scientific and technical teams have conducted thousands of studies many of which have supported our clients' successful IND or NDA/BLA submissions.  Our commitment to meeting or exceeding our client's expectations is unsurpassed and has resulted in the delivery of all reports either on time or early during the past eight years.  Located on a 52-acre campus near Evansville, Indiana, our preclinical research facility occupies a total of 90,000 square feet. BASi is large enough to provide the experience and resources to complete your projects expertly and on time, while remaining flexible, accessible and responsive to your needs. Meet the team here.

GLP Toxicology Services

BASi® collaborates with clients and provides study design guidance resulting in the delivery of timely and reliable reports in compliance with federal guidelines. Clinical pathology, clinical chemistries, analytical method development and validation, PK/TK data analysis and histopathology laboratories offer in-house assessment of biological samples and test articles.

Toxicology Services include:

  • General toxicology services
    • Pilot/lead optimization
    • Acute
    • Sub-chronic
    • Chronic
  • Carcinogenicity studies
  • Developmental and Reproductive toxicology


  • Rodents (rats, mice) 
  • Canines
  • Nonhuman primates
  • Swine / Minipigs
  • Rabbits
  • Guinea pigs

Routes of Administration

  • Oral (Gavage, Capsule/tablet)
  • Parenteral
    • Intramuscular
    • Intraperitoneal
    • Intravenous
    • Subcutaneous
    • Sublingual
    • Dermal
    • Intradermal
    • Ocular
    • Intravaginal
    • Rectal
    • Intranasal

Example of Pre-IND Studies Required for Phase I Trials

Post-IND Studies Required for an NDA