Epsilon Electrochemical Detector

The LC Epsilon (e5) is the latest in the line of electrochemical detectors that BASi® initiated over 38 years ago. It is a fully computer-controlled detector specifically designed for the requirements of electrochemical detection in liquid chromatography. It controls and monitors a thin-layer flow cell attached to chromatographic columns ranging from microbore to standard bore (0.32 - 4.6 mm ID) formats. It is optimized for high current sensitivity and low noise by including important design features such as extensive filtering, optical isolation between the digital and analog components, and particular circuit layout and electronic component selection. Users have great flexibility in choosing a configuration to meet their needs with 1-, 2-, and 4-channel versions available. It can perform constant potential amperometric detection, pulsed amperometric detection (PAD), and can acquire data from external devices. ChromGraph® software, a sophisticated set of programs for control of the LC epsilon and the acquisition and analysis of data generated by the liquid chromatography system is included. The software runs in the Windows® environment, providing all the flexibility and multi-tasking inherent in this operating system.