Electrochemistry- While Supplies Last

LC Epsilon

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LC Epsilon electrochemical detector 
(please specify power requirements) 
 One, Two or 4 Channel Options available 
please contact BASi for   pricing 
 Sytem requires the use of a PC
 System includes Chromgraph Software 2.51x

LC-23C Column Heater


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WENZ - peroxidase electrode refill reagent

Click here for more information on our Peroxidase Redox Polymer Wired Enzyme Electrode Kit

Kit includes:
CF-1075 Surfactant refill reagent (1)
Peroxidase/Polymer solution (1)

Requires express shipping


Small Electrode Body- 3 mm OD for 1.6 mm ID Carbon Paste Electrode 
(MCP): purchase carbon paste separately (CF-1010)

MF-1065 MCA Microcell Assembly

Digisim Cyclic Voltammetry Simulation Software

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Simulates single or multiple electron transfer reactions and first- and second-order chemical reactions, range of electrode geometry, and finite diffusion and hydrodynamic mass transport in addition to semi-infinite diffusion. Provides a dynamic display on concentration profiles.

Requires USB or LPT dongle

Software not compatible with WIN 10

Click here for an overview of Digisim® Simulation Software